L’Amabile Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil 8,45 fl.oz. cold extracted 100% Italiano Tenuta Chiaramonte



L’AMABILE of Tenuta Chiaramonte Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil “cold extracted” 100% Italian (Biancolilla, Moresca e Verdese).
Verdese is a very ancient autochthonous Sicilian variety, among the best for the production of table extra virgin olive oil, which combines well fruity and spicy.
Biancolilla is an Autochthonous Sicilian variety, it is an older one and was named after the ripening drupes
which tend to white and lilac. Its oil is sweet and sophisticated.
Moresca is an Ancient autochthonous cultivar of south-eastern Sicily with early ripening.
It gives the oil a balanced and pleasant fruity aroma.
Amabile of Tenuta Chiaramonte is a blend dedicated to the most delicate palates, it has a green color tending to yellow, the perceptions are of a light fruity flavor with with light bitter and spicy notes.
The blend of the Biancolilla cultivars, with its finesse, Moresca, with its fruity aroma, and Verdese, with its bitter and spicy notes, makes Amabile an oil that does not cover but enhances the flavors and accompanies well: cold dishes, soups, carpaccio, grilled fish, red meats, vegetables.

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