Il Galante Organic Extra-virgin Olive oil P.O.D. Monti Iblei 8,45 fl.oz. Tenuta Chiaramonte



GALANTE of Tenuta Chiaramonte P.O.D.Monti Iblei Sottozona Valle dell’Irminio Organic “cold extracted” (cultivar Moresca)
Galante of Tenuta Chiaramonte stands out for its medium fruity smell with a herbaceous sensation and for the green color, the taste perceives notes of bitter and spicy, with a descriptor attributable to the artichoke.
The Moresca cultivar, with its light fruitiness and notes of grass-leaf, and the Verdese cultivar, which gives hints of bitter and spicy, make Galante a fresh and versatile oil, ideal for seasoning many dishes, including:
oven-roasted fish, grilled white meats, green salads, legume salads , grilled vegetables, soups with mushrooms,

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