Il Distinto Organic Extra-virgin Olive oil P.O.D. Monti Iblei 8,45 fl. oz. Tenuta Chiaramonte



DISTINTO of Tenuta Chiaramonte” P.D.O. Monti Iblei Sottozona Gulfi Organic “Cold extraction” (cultivar Tonda Iblea)
Distinto of Tenuta Chiaramonte is characterized by a medium fruity flavor, with balanced notes of bitter and spicy, for the intense green color and a descriptor attributable to green tomato.
Tonda Iblea is a fine Sicilian autochthonous cultivar which finds its ideal habitat in the countryside of Ragusa. The green tomato scent of its oil is unmatched.
The Tonda Iblea cultivar gives Distinto an inebriating scent of green tomato, which alone manages to enhance
simple dishes and goes well with not very elaborate dishes which feature fish, such as: tuna carpaccio, swordfish carpaccio, seafood salad, and spaghetti or linguine with shellfish.

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